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AAA Debuts its Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging Truck

The American Automotive Association, a self-described, “motor club and leisure travel organization serving North America”, has debuted a mobile electric-vehicle charging truck to serve its electric-vehicle driving members.

After all, AAA is well-known for coming to the aid of its members who find themselves stranded roadside, so it makes sense that they’d want to help their green-minded members as well.  And, this type of help is needed by the electric-vehicle crowd since their rides do possess limited ranges and not many places at which they can top off. 

The trucks will first hit the roads in Oregon, California and four other states. Talking about the trucks at a recent demonstration in Portland at Portland State University, AAA spokeswoman Marie Dodds said, “We’ll demonstrate the truck’s charging capabilities on a Nissan Leaf and have experts on hand who can explain how the truck works and answer your questions.”

AAA says the truck can get an empty electric vehicle back on the road with a 15-minute top-up charge, which should give the vehicle a 15-mile range.