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Oregon Toddler Buys Austin Healey on eBay Using Dad’s Phone!

Toddler Sorella Stoute is now the proud owner of a beat up 1962 Austin Healey Sprite. The transaction took place  when the young Oregonian got her chubby hands on her father’s smartphone and somehow accessed the eBay app and made the purchase of the British roadster using the “buy-it-now” feature.      Paul Stoute, Sorella’s father, was […]

AAA Debuts its Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging Truck

The American Automotive Association, a self-described, “motor club and leisure travel organization serving North America”, has debuted a mobile electric-vehicle charging truck to serve its electric-vehicle driving members. After all, AAA is well-known for coming to the aid of its members who find themselves stranded roadside, so it makes sense that they’d want to help […]

Tesla Stores Pull in One Million Visitors This Year

Though Tesla remains very much a tiny niche electric car maker, its attractive cars are drawing a good amount of interest, if not buyers. So far this year, more than 1,000,000 visitors have made their way into at least one of Tesla’s 14 retail-orientated stores in the US and with the opening of a new […]

Oregon Auto Finance Deals: Ibew Credit Union

The article is about the affordable Oregon car loan rate offered by City Public Service/Ibew Credit Union.  The rate of 4.25% APR for new and used cars is only for individuals with top credit scores.The rest whose score are lower may have to go with a rate of 11.25% APR.  Of course, you can only […]

Cut Your Auto Loan Rates By Comparison Shopping

The base idea for this article came from a recent J.D. Power and Associates report showing that dealers are shopping around for the best loans. In years past, a dealer would submit your financing needs to an automakers financial arm first. According to that report, dealers are now spending some time shopping around for the […]